Get to know Us

About us

Clínic Dental Alcudia , is a dentist. specialized in integral odontological dentistry. we have been bringin the most advanced treatments to everyones's reach for more than two decades.

At Clínic Dental Alcudia we use the most innovative technologies, as regards equipment, instruments, biosecurity and new materials.


At Clínic Dental Alcudia we bet for prevention and personalized attention and we offer integral odontological services and all types of specialities, such as dental Esthetics, orthodontics and Implantate. we possess a wide experience, supported byall our patients, attended from the beginning of our activity

Clínic Alcudia's main goal

In our dentist, we aspire to become the guardians of people's smile.

Our Professionals

The doctors that are going to attend you are caracterized for being "people with a strong passion for odontology", Dentists of prooven experience and recognized careers.

Actually, you have at your disposal professionals specialized in general odontology, dental Esthetics, child and adult's orthodoncy and Implantate.

In all, the professionals working at Clínic Dental Alcudia always garantee the best quality treatment and the best patient's satisfaccion.

How they work

Our real speciality is to offer a solucion for any type of moth-dental necessity, therefore, you only have to come to Clínic Dental Alcudia and our doctors will diagnose, so you know the state of your mouth and teeth .

In the first visit, they will make a diagnosis and a free check up. Our specialized doctors study and evaluate each case, providing each client the most adecuate solucion and a garantee of quality.